Race Week Information

Upcoming Deadlines

June 1st: Coupon Codes Expire at 11:59pm
This allows our team to pull all coupon code data, pre-assign bibs & pre-pack all race materials for teams of 10+ to be available at packet pickup, as well as create invoices for all teams using coupon code, to be sent our race week.

See if Your Team’s Bibs are Pre-Assembled!

June 5th: Online Registration Closes at 11:59pm
All Discount Codes Expire at 11:59pm

June 6th/7th/8th: Bib Pickup Hosted by D.C. Bar Headquarters (901 4TH Street, NW, Washington, D.C. 20001)
Onsite registration available for all three days. Cash and credit cards accepted.

Wednesday, June 6 | 10AM – 5PM

Thursday, June 7 | 10AM – 5PM

Friday, June 8 | 10AM – 3PM

June 8th: Last Day to Send in Paper Registration Forms: Send by 3pm
Paper registrations forms will be accepted until 3PM on Friday, June 8th. Please send the form via fax to 703-807-2090 or scan and email to LaywershaveheartDC@heart.org.

June 9th: Race Day! Onsite Registration Available till 6:30AM. Download Parking Pass.

June 22nd: Coupon Code Payments Due

Does Your Firm/Company Want to Cover the Cost of Employee’s Registrations?
Contact Jennifer.Siler@heart.org or call 703-248-1705 for more information.

Question: What’s a coupon code?
Answer: Coupon codes are an arrangement for a firm/company to pay (in part of in full) their employee’s registration for the race.